Ulysse Nardin launches
Diver Chronograph Great White

Diver Chronograph Great White

The latest edition to the Ulysse Nardin’s diver collection, Diver Chronograph 44mm Limited Edition "Great White" comes to the surface in titanium and withstands 300 meters’ depth. In honor of the timepiece, Ulysse Nardin introduces its newest brand ambassador, 12-feet male Great White Shark, Ulysses.

Long feared and misunderstood, the Great White shark is the apex predator of the ocean and now becomes immortalized by Ulysse Nardin in the newest edition to the brand’s diver watch collection: Diver Chronograph Great White. For too long this beast has sent shivers down the backs of divers, swimmers, surfers, and anyone who ventured into the water. Now, thanks to better understanding through research and preservation efforts, the Great White is taking its place as the hero of the seas, a critical part of the ocean’s ecosystem by maintaining balance in the food chain.

Diver Chronograph Great White

The Diver Chronograph Great White follows a long tradition of shark named diver watches at Ulysse Nardin including a women’s Great White Diver launched in 2019. In 2020, Ulysse Nardin partnered with Great White Shark research organization, OCEARCH, whose mission is to provide open-source data on the species through its program of catch, study, tag and release.

Soon after Ulysse Nardin and OCEARCH forged their partnership, a young adult female Great White was caught and tagged off the coast of Massachusetts and named Andromache becoming Ulysse Nardin’s first official shark ambassador. She is currently off the coast of Nantucket and can be tracked through OCEARCH.

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“Ulysse Nardin’s connection to water is once again evidenced by our latest diver watch, the Great White. Not only are we committed to creating the best technical timepieces for exploration, but we continue to support ocean sustainability through meaningful partnerships with organizations like OCEARCH who are doing the work to maintain the species for future generations.” Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Ulysse Nardin

Safeguarding a futur for Sharks Beacames our top priorit

In honour of Shark Week and celebrating the launch of its new DIVER CHRONO GREAT WHITE, we raises our devotion to shark conservation around the world to the next level. We always had sharks on our radar. We proudly announce increasing support for a new fleet of shark conservation initiatives and partners. We Donat to 1% FOR THE PLANET, pledging to donate 1% of annual sales of all “shark watches” to support non-profit organizations focused on sharks. 
We are partners with SHARKTRUST, the leading European shark conservation charity actively working to reform unsustainable and unmanaged fisheries and the supply chain that drive the global consumption of shark products, through legislation and effective conservation

"Solving the life history puzzle of the Northwest Atlantic white shark is fundamental to the future abundance of Atlantic Canada and the eastern seaboard of the USA. This is Why OCEARCH does what it does. It is a difficult task that requires the collaboration of the public, scientists, fishermen, philanthropists and socially innovative companies like Ulysse Nardin and our other partners. Not only will the owners of the “Great White” enjoy it’s quality, beauty and style, they will be supporting the path to abundance for the ocean and all future generations," added OCEARCH Founder and Expedition Leader Chris Fischer.

We welcome a new friend of the brand to the family – a new “Ulysses”- MIKE COOTS, a Hawaii native who became an amputee when he lost his right leg in a tiger shark attack at 18 years old while bodyboarding. Mike soon realized the importance of preservation and has since become an advocate for saving sharks in an effort to maintain balance in the ecosystem. 
After having his leg torn off by a tiger shark in his native Hawaii, Mike has turned his painful story into a successful career as a champion of the ocean’s apex predators and photographer. His story of survival is legendary. When Mike Coutts was just 18 years he was bodyboarding off of his native island of Kuai when he felt a sharp tug on his leg. A tiger shark had just bitten off his right limb and as it came back for more, Mike punched it in the face, got himself back to shore and not only lived to tell the tale but turned his personal tragedy into an inspirational career of conservation and art. While many survivors of such attacks choose to avoid the ocean afterwards, Mike couldn’t wait to get back into the water. His friends bought him a camera so that, while he was healing on the beach, he could take photographs of the sport he loved.

Mike Coots
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