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Ulysse Nardin is proud to endorse a new “Ulysses” in his transatlantic crossing. Dan Lenard, co-founder of the renowned Italian yacht design firm Nuvolari-Lenard, has embarked on a journey aiming at raising awareness about the oceans’ worsening situation.

Ulysse Nardin has a new “Ulysses” onboard. Dan Lenard, co-founder of the renowned Italian yacht design firm Nuvolari-Lenard, is embarking on a daring adventure: a transatlantic crossing departing on January 20th from Cadiz, Spain and arriving at the Miami Boat Show around February 14th where the brand will also be present as one of the main sponsors. Dan’s company specializes in the design of yachts for both private clients and shipyards. Based near Venice, the studio has created some of the world’s most acclaimed superyachts, winning every major award and becoming both prolific and highly sought-after.

The aim of his odyssey is to raise awareness about the plight of the seas. Dan Lenard chose sailing, a 5000-year-old invention, because it is one of the means that were used by humans to explore the Earth. Today, his voyage is bearing witness to how polluted the seas and coastlines have become. Ulysse Nardin is proud to endorse Dan Lenard’s mission, which he has called “Vela-Code”. For this new Ulysses, it is a “distress signal on behalf of the ocean”, because we need to reset how we treat our environment. We need focused initiatives, for both prevention and cure: prevention, through intelligent design of yachts and through education to highlight activities and behaviours that cause damage; cure, by taking responsibility for what we have done and devoting resources to repair the damage.

For Patrick Pruniaux, Ulysse Nardin’s CEO, “our Manufacture’s heritage has strong ties with the ocean. Being a part of this adventure is relevant to Ulysse Nardin’s values and history.”

Dan Lenard joins the Ulysse Nardin Armada of Explorers formed by free-diver and photographer Fred Buyle, sailors Sébastien Destremau and Romain Pilliard, snowboarder and surfer Mathieu Crépel and kite-surfing champion Alex Caizergues. Like the hero of Homer’s “Odyssey”, these modern-day Ulysses throw themselves into adventure, not afraid of the unknown and of the possible obstacles, following their dreams and ambitions.

Dan’s true challenge on this journey is the fact that he is alone on his 33-foot-long sailboat, bare of all equipment such as engine, electronics, GPS, log, compass or autopilot. Dan’s only gear will be the watch on his wrist, a Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronometer Great White, that will accompany him along this solo mission.

The Vela-Code mission has set up two accounts, Instagram @vela.code and a Facebook page, Vela-page. SCIA is equipped with a tracker/beacon that will signal Dan’s position every hour throughout the voyage. While Dan can’t chart his progress via this device, his audience can. The shore team will update the project’s social media sites and the website will display his progress from data received via the beacon. From 20th of January until around the 5th February, Dan will be out of contact with the world, until he reaches the Carribeans. A voyage with a mission, a call to awareness, an adventure for the free-spirited.