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your Marine Torpilleur Military Bronze

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your Marine Torpilleur Military Bronze

Marine Torpilleur
Ulysse Nardin - Marine Torpilleur - 1187-320LE/63 -

Ulysse Nardin is extending its Torpilleur Military line with the addition of a new recruit: a limited edition in bronze with a blue dial adorned with Arabic numerals.


In choosing bronze for this line, limited to 300 pieces, Ulysse Nardin pays homage to the brand's marine universe. A metal discovered over 3000 years before Jesus Christ, bronze has been used throughout history by different military marines across the world for its robustness (propellers, diving suits, etc.)


Nonmagnetic, bronze is resistant to corrosion thanks to an oxidation process which, once stabilized, forms a protective, superficial oxide film. Each watch casing will be thus altered naturally through wear and use, making each piece special and unique to its wearer.