Working for Ulysse Nardin

Commitment, Expertise and Efficiency. Working for Ulysse Nardin means joining a company that is passionate about innovation, value and guaranteeing product quality around the world.

Ulysse Nardin's culture is based upon simple, open and friendly relationships, ensuring ethics and internal equity, taking care of human & social rights issues and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

First and foremost, we recruit people for their creative mindset, who are adaptable and capable of working with strong and experienced teams in order to grow with our brand.

Ulysse-nardin Ulysse-nardin

Our Purpose

Our performance is tied up with the men and women who make up our staff. In line with our values of respect and integrity, our purpose is to encourage staff to express their potential and creativity by developing their skills and performance in the most sustainable way.

The HR strategy, aligned with that of the company, covers a wide range of objectives, starting with ensuring fairness and equal treatment. Creating working conditions conducive to collaboration and development, where individual achievement is the basis for collective success.

We care about the employability of our staff, rewarding loyalty and maintaining honest and respectful relationships, where everyone can share their knowledge, creativity, conscientiousness and commitment.

It is thanks to the combination of personalities and talents in our teams on the ground that we are able to meet the requirements of the industry and the needs of our customers, both practically and effectively.

No less importantly, we are also responsible for ensuring the perpetuation of our Expertise in all trades in an environment that is undergoing major change. We support our staff at all levels, working in a focused or a more general way to develop potential and prepare for the future.

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freak nation

A tribe of trailblazers, risk-takers and free-thinkers, that transcends borders and cultures. A movement towards unconventional perspectives, ultimate freedom and pure inspiration.

By addressing every line of inquiry in modern watchmaking, be it aesthetic, technical, technological or conceptual and integrating them like never before, the Freak single-handedly launched an era of horological rebellion that altered the course of watchmaking forever. It is, indeed, quite the freak — a brilliant outlier that once tested the vanguard and now continues to push it. And in doing so, it has become the watch of choice for the trailblazers, risk-takers and free-thinkers of the world, for the bold of heart and spirit, and those unafraid to smash past boundaries and let their freak flag fly.

Our Values

A human dimension & philosophy are at the heart of our activities.

Social responsibility is one of the core values at Ulysse Nardin, key to our identity and heritage. It is therefore part of our valuable long-term thinking and central to both our managerial and business conduct policies. Also designed to honour the trust of our customers by providing timepieces of the highest quality and reliability, responsibility lies with everyone at every level of the organisation, both internally and externally.

Ulysse Nardin is committed to fulfilling the above-mentioned sustainable development objectives by going beyond simple compliance with the law.
Ulysse Nardin Ulysse Nardin


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