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Rules of the Vendée Globe prize contest

Vendée Globe prize contest – Win a 44mm Diver Chronometer Ulysse Nardin watch

Article 1: Organizing company

Ulysse Nardin SA, whose head office is located at Rue du Jardin 3, 2400 Le Locle, and hereinafter referred to as “Organizing company” or “organizer”, is organizing a FREE PRIZE CONTEST WITH NO PURCHASING NECESSARY (hereinafter referred to as “the contest”) from Friday, January 15th 2021 to Sunday January 24th 2021 at midnight in accordance with the terms of these rules.

Article 2: Conditions for participating

Participation in the contest is open to any person who has reached the age of majority on the first day of the competition. The organizing company authorizes itself to proceed to any necessary verification concerning participants’ identity, postal and/or electronic address. Are excluded from entering this contest or obtaining a prize, directly or indirectly, the staff of Ulysse Nardin having contributed to the conception and development of the competition, as well as the staff of the provider for the technical implementation of the competition, including their family and mates (marriage, PACS or marital relationship, officialized or not). Participation in the contest entails full and unreserved acceptance of these rules by the participant. The noncompliance with these rules leads to automatic cancellation of the participation and of any possible awards.

Article 3: Rules for participation

To enter the contest, the internet user must visit Ulysse Nardin website The internet user will have to predict the leader's final time since the start of the race (predictions should be written in the format DaysXX HoursXX MinutesXX).

Article 4: Selection of the winners

The winners will be designated by random draw among the correct responses. The contest offers to win a 44mm Diver Chronometer Ulysse Nardin watch. The winner will be contacted between Monday 8th of February 2021 and Friday 12th of February 2021. The winners will be designated after verification of their eligibility to the prize concerning them.
The winners will be contacted through Facebook messenger. If the winners do not react within 72 hours following sending of this message, they will be considered as having renounced to their prize and the prize will remain the property of the organizer. Upon simple acceptance of their prize, the winners authorize the organizer to use their given name, family name and indication of their city and residence zone in any publicity and promotional material, on the website of the competition as well as on any affiliated website or content, without opening any right or remuneration for their use apart from the prize won.
The winners must comply with the rules. In the event that they didn’t meet the criteria of these rules, their prize wouldn’t be awarded to them. Participants authorize all verifications regarding their identity, age, postal information or the loyalty and sincerity of their participation. Thus, the organizer reserves the right to ask for a copy of the winner’s ID card before sending the prize. Any false declaration, indication about identity or false address will entail the participant’s immediate elimination and if need be the reimbursement of prizes already sent.

Article 5: Prizes

The prize of the contest is the following: A 44mm Diver Chronometer Ulysse Nardin watch.
The total prize amounts to 7900€

Article 6: Limit of liability

Participation in the contest implies knowledge and unreserved acceptance of the features and limits of the Internet, specifically regarding technical performance, response time to view, query and transfer information, interruption risks, and, more generally, inherent risks with any connection or transmission on the Internet, the absence of protection for some data against possible breaches and contamination risks by possible viruses circulating on the network.

Consequently, the organising company will under no circumstance be held responsible for the following non restrictive list of situations:

- transmission and/or receipt of any data and/or information on the Internet
- malfunction of the Internet network preventing the game from running properly during participation
- faulty receiving equipement or communication lines
- loss of any paper or electronic mail and more generally of any data
- problems in shipping
- operation of any software
- consequences of any virus, computer bug, defect, technical failure
- damage caused to a participant’s computer
- technical, hardware and software failure of any nature, preventing or limiting the possibility to enter the competition or having damaged a participant’s system.
It shall be stated that the organizing company will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by an interruption or malfunction of any nature whatsoever and for any direct or indirect damage which may result in any manner whatsoever from connecting to the website.

Each participant will be responsible for taking the appropriate measures in order to protect their own data and/or software stored on their computer equipment against any violation. A person’s connection to social accounts and participants’ participation to the contest is done under their sole responsibility. The organizing company is entitled to cancel all or part of the registration if it appears that frauds of any kind have been perpetrated, by computer during the participation in the contest or the identification of the winners.

In this circumstance, it reserves the right not to award the prizes to fraudsters and/or to bring proceedings before the competent courts against the authors of these frauds. The organizing company reserves the right to sue anyone who will have frauded or tried to do it. It would accept no liability whatsoever in regards to participants as a result of frauds potentially committed.

In particular registering and then participating in the contest under one or several fictional or borrowed third-party nominees shall be deemed to be fraud – each participant must register and take part in the contest under their own name. The organizer reserves the right to exclude from participation in the present competition any person disturbing the smooth running of it. It is entitled to sue anyone having cheated, frauded, rigged or disturbed the operations mentioned in these rules or tried to do it. Any fraud will entail the participant’s elimination. In case of failure of a participant, the organizing company reserves the right to exclude the latter, without possibility for the person to claim anything.

Article 7: Convention of proof

It is agreed that, except in the case of an obvious mistake, the organizing company will be able to use programs, data, files, operations, and other elements (such as monitoring reports or others) in kind or in computer or in electronic formats which have been issued, received or retained directly or indirectly by the organizing company, particularly for purposes of proof of any act or omission.

Participants pledge not to challenge the admissibility, the validity or the power of proof of the afore mentioned elements in kind or in computer or electronic format or media, on the basis of any legal provisions whatsoever which may stipulate that certain documents must be in writing or signed by the parties in order to constitute evidence.

Therefore, the elements considered form evidence and, if they are submitted by the organizing company as means of proof in any litigation procedure or other action, they will be admissible, valid, and binding by the parties in the same way, in the same circumstances and with the same evidential weight as any document drawn up, received or kept in writing.

Article 8: Case of force majeure – conditions of prolongation

The organizing company would not be held responsible if, in the event of a force majeure or if, independently of its will, the contest had to be modified, shortened, or cancelled. In all cases it reserves the right to extend the period of participation and to postpone any dates announced.

Any modification of these rules will enter into force as of their online release, and any participant is considered to have accepted it by the simple fact of entering the contest as of the effective date of the change. Any participant refusing the change(s) made shall cease to take part in the contest.

Article 9: Filing of the rules

The rules are available free of charge to any individual who requests them at the following address: Ulysse Nardin SA, Rue du Jardin 3, 2400 Le Locle, Switzerland. Stamps used for such a written request will be reimbursed at slow post rate on simple request.

Article 10: Litigation

These rules are subject to French law. Possible objections relating to the contest must be requested by writing to the organizing company to be taken into consideration, but no later than ninety (90) days after the closing date of the contest as indicated in these rules.

In case of repeated disagreement about the application or interpretation of these rules, and in the absence of amicable agreement, any dispute will be brought before the competent courts designated according to the code of civil procedure.

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