Haute Horlogerie

Haute Horlogerie visuel

Some become known for a particular innovation or breakthrough in their industry. Others gain inimitable and eternal international recognition for their unrelenting and uncompromising ability to change perceptions and reinvent the rules of their industry time and time again.

Marine Mega Yacht

Marine Mega Yacht Setting sail for the high seas

This powerful beating heart of the watch has a diameter of 37 mm, features 504 components, and is wound by hand. It guarantees a power reserve of 80 hours at a cruising speed of 21,600 vibrations per hour, with the tourbillon moving at 60 rotations per hour (or one rotation every 60 seconds).

Blast Free Wheel

Blast Free Wheel Time flies

With a 7-day power reserve, its “free-floating” elements seem to move independently of each other to defy gravity. The elements of the Executive Free Wheel literally make time fly. The innovative movement, which took years to research and develop, is presented in a 44mm case. The gear trains and bridges appear to float in the air with the other components, a delicate balance of parts working in harmony.

Blast Hourstriker

Blast Hourstriker Created to break the sound barrier

Inspired by watchmaking’s past and the possibility of moving musical timekeeping into the future, Blast Hourstriker wants you to hear time again, not read it. When the striker is on, the mechanical ballet that makes the watch’s sound is visible on the hour and half hour, but even its occasional activation is just as beautiful.


Blast Free Wheel An interstellar adventure

The deep blue aventurine dial is reminiscent of the starry night sky glittering with reflections of the stars. A form of translucent quartz, the name “aventurine” derives from the Italian a ventura, which can mean “by chance” or simply “let the adventure begin”.

Blast Free Wheel Aventurine
Marine Grand Deck

Marine Grand Deck In a proud nod toits maritime roots

The Grand Deck Tourbillon marries meticulous craftsmanship with technical avant-garde to explore the elements on the deck of a yacht. The craftsmanship is clearly displayed by the detail on the dial.

The minutes are displayed in gold on a spinel arc across the center of the dial, with the golden boom drawn across to show exact time. The system, which is regulated by a double-barrel system, incorporates the magnificence and extreme precision of a flying tourbillon, nested in a gold ring at 6 o’clock.

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