Beware of Blast

A story of time.
A story of precision timekeeping.

As humans, we are driven by exploration.
Forever reaching further to discover new ideas, new concepts, new frontiers.
Pushing the boundaries to reach new heights and touch the untouchable.
The future is our destination. Innovation is our tool.

So off we go!
Gliding through the labyrinth of time.
Witnessing life in all its fullness.
Here we push back the limits of time.
Here we reinvent the rules of what can and cannot be done.
We are the winds of change after all.

Discover 175 years of savoir-faire

the 19th century

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When astronomers Johan Galle and Urbain Le Verrier were busy discovering new planets in our solar system...

...Ulysse Nardin was already reaching for the stars crafting precision Marine Chronometers.

As Alexander Graham Bell brought people and communities closer with the invention of the telephone...

...Ulysse Nardin brought foreign shores closer with the launch of the admiralty type Marine Chronometer.

the 20th century

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When explorer Jean Baptiste Charcot set sail to study extreme polar environments on-board his 30-meter schooner...

Ulysse Nardin was already exploring the in-house manufacturing of On-board Chronometers.

The same year scottish physicist Watson-Watt showcased his revolutionary radar device...

...Ulysse Nardin led a revolution of its own by unveiling its 24" Split-second Pocket Chronograph.

The year the Challenger space shuttle was being upgraded to fly on the US space shuttle program...

...Ulysse Nardin brand was being re-invigorated with new leadership in the form of Rolf W. Schnyder.

10 years of effort came to climax with the launch and assembly of the seventh and final module of the Mir space station...

...whilst Ulysse Nardin celebrated 150 years of existence with a launch of its own: the Marine Chronometer 1846 Wristwatch.

the 21th century

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As the discovery space shuttle launched on a mission to rotate the crew onboard the ISS...

...Ulysse Nardin questioned the need for rotations at all with the launch of its revolutionary 'handless' timepiece, the Freak.

Back when Barack Obama, a man of high caliber, prepared for a second term in the White-House...

...Ulysse Nardin was working in-house on the launch of its groundbreaking UN-118 Caliber.

The year the event horizon telescope brought to light the first ever images of a black hole...

...Ulysse Nardin unveiled its audacious X-Factor in watchmaking, laying bare the inner workings of its two latest timepieces.

Following a year of on-and-off lockdowns, we all returned with a new positive outlook, a new positive drive...

...and so did Ulysse Nardin, revealing to the world its disruptive new Blast collection as well as its first ever watch casing made entirely of upcycled fishing nets.

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