The Ocean Race header

    Watches Chronometry

    Three new models join the Marine Torpilleur permanent collection.

    Plastic Odyssey

    Environment Plastic Odyssey

    Ulysse Nardin partners with Plastic Odyssey, a three year round-the-world expedition to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.

    11th hour racing

    Environment 11TH Hour Racing Team

    Ulysse Nardin partners with 11th Hour Racing Team and set sail for the next edition of the Ocean Race 2023.

    Rainbow Collection

    Watches Rainbow Collection

    Let’s plunge into the polychromatic world of the neon rainbow setting.

    Diver Great White

    Watches Diver Chronographe Great White

    A contemporary and functional model designed specifically for the deep sea.

    Diver TOR


    From the sea to the wrist : The Diver The Ocean Race is exploring the re-use of already-existing materials.

    Freak S

    watches Freak S

    To wear a Freak is to carry a laboratory on your wrist that has hosted several major innovations.

    Freak X Aventurine

    watches Freak X Aventurine

    The Freak X is a high-end timepiece that embodies some of the exceptional technical features owned by the Freak Vision.

    Blast Moonstruck

    watches Blast Moonstruck

    As a new lunar year starts today, Ulysse Nardin is launching an ultra-design version of one of its historical astronomical complications: the Moonstruck.

    Ulysse Nardin X Balde

    Partnership Ulysse Nardin X Blade

    ABlade combines a precise level of detail-oriented experience with time-effective transportation alternatives, which is exactly what our customers value.

    The Ocean Race

    environment Official Timing Partner of The Ocean Race

    Ulysse Nardin is the official timekeeper of The Ocean Race

    MYS 2021

    event Heading for the bay of Monaco!

    To mark the return of the world’s most prestigious yachting show, two new limited-editions will join the Marine and Diver collections, which represent the maritime origins of Ulysse Nardin.

    UFO Only Watch

    watches Orange is the new black

    The Ulysse Nardin futurist ovoid table clock called UFO gets a suntan for the Only Watch biennial.

    Time to Act partner

    environment Ulysse Nardin takes action and becomes “Time to Act” partner of The Ocean Race

    With a common goal of sustainability and promoting the urgent need to act to protect the ocean, both partners are committed to supporting a Decade of Action.

    Diver 42mm Lemon Shark

    watches Dedicated to Ocean conservation

    Ulysse Nardin presents the new Diver Lemon Shark

    Freak X Razzle Dazzle

    watches Take a ride with the new dazzling Freak X

    Where art meets craftmanship, there is nothing more disrupting, and no more fascinating object than the new Freak X Razzle Dazzle.

    Diver Net

    watches Diver Net: from the sea to the wrist

    Like a message of gratitude delivered to the ocean, Ulysse Nardin focuses its efforts on the search for recyclable materials recovered from the sea.

    Freak X Ice and Fire

    watches Freak X Ice and Fire

    Introducing two new dangerously designed Freak X models: An Xplosive lava red carbon-fiber tour-de-force and a cool frosted white force of nature.

    Sebastian Copeland

    our ulysses Sebastian Copeland likes it cold

    Sebastian Copeland and Ulysse Nardin both share a common vision about the beauty and fragility of nature, especially the poles and their floes. Together, they are committed to raise awareness and act for the preservation of our environment.

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