New technological prowess made with rock-star and edgy lines.
For Explorers above and beyond the pale

Supercharged with classic Ulysse Nardin savoir-faire, Blast Tourbillon is an avatar of its time, a potent force of nature.
A technological wonder made with rock-hard, masculine lines.

The X Factor

The X Factor

Blast Tourbillon wears it "X" prominently and with pride.The "X" has become an underlying theme progressing transversally throughout all Ulysse Nardin collections and has affirmed its presence in all four Blast Tourbillon models. Its shape-within-shape-within-shape geometry is a visual delight: an "X", framed in a rectangle, both inside a circle.

The UN-172 Movement

This atomic bomb of a watch is powered by the recently fashioned UN-172 movement and have a three-day power reserve. With an automatic tourbillon for the first time within the Ulysse Nardin Skeleton collection and a new tiny yet powerful platinum micro-rotor - visible only from the front of the watch at 12 o'clock - Blast Tourbillon was 18 months in the making, from conception to creation.

Aerodynamic Horns

The Ulysse Nardin designers have restyled and rebuilt the watch horns making them strong and geometric like the sharp wings of a stealth aircraft as it slices through a storm. Each triangle has a different finish, the surface of the horns alternating between polished, satin-finish and sand-blaster veneer.

Self-Deploying buckle

Thanks to a new patented 3 blade system that opens in a synchronized manner it snaps open like a couple sharing a dynamic and erotic tango dance. Stunningly easy, powerfully secure.

Self-Deploying buckle

Discover the Collection

Blast Tourbillon is available in four distinct models, each with the new manufacture UN-172 movement with an automatic tourbillon and the new self-deploying buckle. Three bracelets options are possible: structured rubber, leather, velvet and some specific option.

Let’s wake the dormant Ulysses who lie beneath the surface.

Let’s examine the X-rays of our souls, beyond the mirrors, the appearances.

We explore. We exist. We are fearless. The X factor is our answer. X like an adventure, X like our deepest desires.

Carsten Peter

Ulysse Nardin is partnering with Carsten Peter, a nature photographer and storyteller of the Xtreme. Carsten is an award-winning and regular contributor to National Geographic magazine specialized in capturing never-before-seen images of some of the most remote and dangerous places on the planet. Using innovative techniques, he is a pioneer, bringing toxic caverns, thermal caves and lava lakes to life before sharing them with the world.

Discover his work

Sebastian Copeland

Sebastian Copeland and Ulysse Nardin both share a common vision about the beauty and fragility of nature, especially the poles and their floes. Together, they are committed to raise awareness and act for the preservation of our environment. Sebastian does it in its own way through breathtaking clichés, fiercely testifying about global warming.

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