Ulysse Nardin offers an extended 5-year warranty on all newly-purchased watches.

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Haute Horlogerie is an everlasting adventure. An expedition upon which expert watchmakers from around the world embark on in search of watchmaking perfection. In vain. For only the boldest survive. Where others go the extra mile, we go against the flow. Where others think ahead, we think outside the box. Where others innovate, we reinvent! To discover, one must first explore. As explorers, we evolve in a parallel world. A world where we do not follow. Rather we lead. A world that is filled not with answers but with questions. We inquire, we interrogate, we challenge ourselves. There is no established path to becoming a pioneer. There are no beacons, no signals, no way points. There is only attitude. An attitude that Ulysse Nardin embodies better than any other watchmaker. An attitude that led the House in 1846, to design the first ever marine chronometer. It is only by attempting the impossible that one can achieve the impossible.


Beware of Blast

Supercharged with classic Ulysse Nardin savoir faire, Blast Tourbillon is an avatar of its time, a potent force of nature. This technological wonder made with rock-hard, masculine lines has ignited a flame that will send seismic shockwaves through the watchmaking world to its core. The complex, geometric architecture of the tessellated horns – reminiscent of furtive aircraft – create a pumped-up, vigorous and imposing masterpiece. With its tight, edgy blueprint, omnipresent “X-Factor” and stealth design, the new Blast Tourbillon – a fresh, muscular and robust open-worked model – will send you rocketing into the stratosphere. Blast Tourbillon is taking your mind by storm, playing off the transparency of its new powerful automatic silicium tourbillon nested in a bold, X-shaped cage, which beats inside at a frequency of 2.5 Hz. Light penetrates the open-worked body of the watch like a laser.



Skeleton X

Freak X

Skeleton X

Freak X

X factor

Introducing the X-Factor

Ulysse Nardin introduces the X-factor in watchmaking with the launch of Freak X and Skeleton X. The Freak X, the little cousin of its ”Freak antecedents”, stands out as the entry point into the Freak collection. Though many of the same aesthetic and functional elements are in place, it pushes out into uncharted territory. The Skeleton X, a new Manufacture movement that lays bare its audacious technology in an exquisite exhibition of fine watchmaking’s most challenging technique. Inner beauty revealed, not concealed: this openworked wonder takes skeletonization to the X-level.


Freak Out

The Freak Collection FREAKS OUT!

The Freak is no longer a single timepiece. It’s an entire collection ! After the Freak vision launch at SIHH 2018 and the new Freak vision Coray Bay, four new Freak Out timepieces, each armed with the in-house manual-wind caliber UN-205, are now joining the most maverick collection in Haute Horlogerie. All the game-changing Freak Out oddities are in place: no crown, dial or hands, a “flying carousel” tourbillon (the baguette movement rotates on its own axis) and super-light silicium technology.


Ulysse Nardin announces 5-year warranty

Continuing to push back the limits in Haute Horlogerie, from January 2017 Ulysse Nardin will offer a 5-year warranty on its mechanical timepieces. Whether it’s a dashing Diver Chronograph or a gold Classico Lady, every single one of the Swiss manufacturer's complex mechanical instruments will carry this Ulysse Nardin guarantee of quality. In order to benefit from the 5-year warranty, the owner registers his or her new Ulysse Nardin timepiece within a year of purchase on the website.


Marine Chronometer

Anniversary of the foundation of Ulysse Nardin in 1846

Grand Deck

Marine Chronograph Annual Calendar

Grand Deck

Marine Chronograph Annual Calendar

20th Anniversary of the iconic Marine Chronometer model

2016 marks not only one milestone in the history of Ulysse Nardin: the 170th Anniversary of the foundation of Ulysse Nardin in 1846, the 15th Anniversary of the launch of our iconic Freak and a first in the watch industry by the launch of the material Silicium, but also the 20th Anniversary of the iconic Marine Chronometer model which was first presented in 1996. In the typical Ulysse Nardin philosophy of “Timekeeping Simplicity”, two launches have been annonced: the Marine Chronograph Annual Calendar with the new UN-153 caliber with an easy setting back and forth and the Marine Tourbillon Grand Deck evoking the golden age of yachting, a boom pulled by super-strong nanowires that incorporates a majestic tourbillon.



Launch of the UlyChoc

Ulysse Nardin has launched a new type of shock absorber, called UlyChoc, which was designed, developed and produced entirely in-house at Ulysse Nardin’s manufacture in Le Locle, Switzerland. A classical system comprises five micro-elements: the block, the setting, the jewel, the counterpivot and the spring. With simplification in mind and a special focus on efficiency, Ulysse Nardin replaced three of these functions with a single one-piece component made of silicium, a genuine world first which is the suspect of a patent application. This solution avoids forces of play and friction, enabling the balance staff to be perfectly recentered in the event of an impact.


Sixth In-house caliber in 12 months

Ulysse Nardin joins Kering’s Group. Continues path of innovation in watchmaking with the launch of the 6th in-house developed and manufactured movement in twelve months: the UN-334 for Dual Time Manufacture with fast time-zone and date settings.



Launch of 5 in-house calibers

The unprecedented launch of five new in-house calibers, entirely developed and conceived by Ulysse Nardin, highlights a commitment to independently manufactured movements. Integrating silicium technology, they each have their own characteristics:

  • UN-690 gives life to Stranger, a musical timepiece
  • UN-310 for Jade is the first in-house caliber for ladies with a unique crown concept, a hand-engraved skeleton caliber
  • UN-170 powers the Skeleton Tourbillon Manufacture
  • UN-150 in the Marine Chronograph Manufacture takes precision to extremes
  • UN-205, the inline movement for Freak Cruiser, includes a 7-day flying carousel







A new in-house caliber UN-118

New innovation comes with the launch of the Marine Chronometer Manufacture with its in-house developed and conceived basis caliber UN-118. And to take another step toward independence Ulysse Nardin successively acquires the Swiss artisan enameller Donzé Cadrans SA and a new manufacture chronograph movement to be released in a future collection.



Rolf Schnyder

Turning point for Ulysse Nardin

The death of Rolf Schnyder, owner and President marks another turning point for the company. With his visionary leadership based on encouraging classic techniques in mechancial watchmaking, Schnyder had a profound impact on Ulysse Nardin and the Swiss watch industry.


Further innovation with Freak DIAMonSIL®

Launch of the Freak DIAMonSIL® : a new patented Dual Ulysse Escapement made using a cutting-edge combination of diamond and silicium. The invention continues with Innovision - Ulysse Nardin’s vision of the future - 10 technical innovations united in one concept watch.


First in-house created and executed Caliber UN-160

Launch of the UN-160, the first selfwinding base caliber that is entirely conceived and manufactured in-house. To consolidate this tradition of innovation, Ulysse Nardin celebrates with a memorable Haute Horlogerie exhibition at the Kremlin, History in Time.



Freak 28 800 V/h Diamond Heart

28’800 V/h
Freak 28’800 V/h Diamond Heart

Launch of the Freak 28’800 V/h Diamond Heart, with its new patented Dual Ulysse Escapement made from diamonds by means of an innovative process. This year also sees the launch of the Royal Blue Tourbillon.


Innovation Prize


Musical timepiece Sonata wins prize

After launching the previous year, the Sonata, an incredible multifunction mechanical and musical timepiece wins the 2004 Innovation Prize.



Innovation Prize,
Watch of the Year

is a first in watchmaking

Revolutionary Freak makes its entrance

Launch of the Freak. The revolutionary 7 day-tourbillon-carousel is a first in watchmaking. With no true case, crown or hands, its movement pivots on itself to indicate time. The next year, its impact is recognized by the 2002 Innovation Prize, Watch of the Year. In its illustrious history, Ulysse Nardin has won more than 4,300 awards, 18 of them international gold medals, and registered the greatest number of patents for mechanical watchmaking.


Innovation Prize

GMT± Perpetual breaks new ground

After a previewing the patented GMT± at Baselworld in 1994, Ulysse Nardin marks the beginning of the new millennium with the launch of GMT± Perpetual: integrating two exclusive Ulysse Nardin complications in one innovative watch. In fact, it wins the Year 200 Innovation Prize the following year.


The company celebrates its 150th anniversary in Haute Horlogerie with two memorable timepieces: the Marine Chronometer 1846 wristwatch and the revolutionary Perpetual Ludwig, named for its creator, Dr. Ludwig Oechslin.

Anniversary of the foundation of Ulysse Nardin in 1846


Trilogy of Time Completed

After the Ulysse Nardin Astrolabium Galileo Galilei in 1985, and the Planetarium Copernicus in 1988, the award-winning Trilogy of Time series is magnificently completed by the Tellurium Johannes Kepler, a tribute to the German astronomer.

Trilogy of Time


Limited Edition San Marco

The first minute-repeating wristwatch integrating a Jaquemart, the San Marco had limited editions in gold and in platinum.


Astrolabium Galileo Galilei

Astrolabium Galileo Galilei

Launch of the watch Astrolabium Galileo Galilei, which marked the beginning of the extraordinary partnership between owner Rolf W. Schnyder and visionary watchmaker Ludwig Oechslin. This highly complex instrument gains Ulysse Nardin entry into the Guinness Book of Records in February 1989.


Arrival of Rolf W. Schnyder

A group under the inspirational leadership of Rolf W. Schnyder takes over the company, ushering in an exciting new era in the company's history.


4324 certificates of performance for mechanical marine chronometers out of a total of 4504 awarded

special prizes for marine chronometers, 1069 of which were First Prizes

Showered with awards

Neuchâtel Observatory releases its last official publication regarding chronometer performance from 1846 to 1975. According to this report Ulysse Nardin obtained

  • 747 First Prizes for its deck watches, pocket chronometers and wristwatches
  • 14 Grands Prix, the Prize Medal and the Progress Medal, 10 Gold Medals, 2 Prix d’Honneur, and 2 Silver Medals at International Exhibitions


years of records for chronometer performances broken with a chronometer adjusted by Louis Augsburger

Record-breaking performance

At the Neuchâtel Observatory (which rated accuracy in Swiss timepiece movements), Ulysse Nardin breaks 50 years of records for chronometer performances with a chronometer adjusted by Louis Augsburger.


24" Split-second pocket chronograph

Ulysse Nardin introduces a new 24" split-second pocket chronograph measuring tenths of a second. Useful for timing competitive sports events, numerous Prizes and Gold Medals attest to its success.


Making movement smaller

Ulysse Nardin produces a new, smaller 13" movement, perfect for pocket or wristwatches.



Swiss patent (No. 54714)

Paul-David Nardin takes out his third Swiss patent (No. 54714) for a perfected control mechanism of the chronographic timing-wheel to eliminate almost imperceptible leaps.


Tourbillon escapements

By the turn of the century, Paul-David Nardin had made nine pocket chronometers fitted with tourbillon escapements to improve accuracy.


Swiss patents are awarded in this year

Receiving Swiss patents

Two Swiss patents are awarded in this year, one is for a chronometer mechanism which enables daily winding without reversing the bowl.


Death of Ulysse Nardin

The premature death of Ulysse Nardin at age 53 precipitates his son to the helm of the company. Two years later Paul-David Nardin wins a Gold Medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition for his pocket and marine chronometers.


Number 3, rue du Jardin

The company moves to its rue Jardin premises, where it is still making precision watches today.



Astronomical regulator

Ulysse acquires a high-precision astronomical regulator (constructed by the "father of Swiss watchmaking" Jacques-Frédéric Houriet) to calibrate his pocket chronometers. Minute repeaters, highly complicated watches, and pocket chronometers carry the reputation of the Le Locle watchmaker around the world.


Visionary beginnings

After apprenticing to the leading Swiss watchmakers of the day, visionary Ulysse Nardin strikes out on his own to make precision marine chronometers. The beginning of a voyage into innovation that continues to this day.

Beginning of a voyage

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