Ulysse Nardin & The Ocean Race Joining forces
for the ocean

Ulysse Nardin is the Official Timing Partner and Time to Act Partner of The Ocean Race. Time is at the heart of this great race, not only when it comes to timing the competition and records, but also because it is now time to act responsibly.
Truly dedicated to ocean preservation, Ulysse Nardin has launched THE OCEAN RACE DIVER WATCH, designed to be the first diver collection made with sustainable materials. This unique timepiece is the official watch of The Ocean Race. We are also committed to a program aimed at strong ecological changes by 2030.
Ulysse Nardin is also sponsoring one of the race’s most eco-focused competitors: the 11th Hour Racing Team. It is time, more than ever, to keep the ocean blue.


Ulysse Nardin has strong ties to the maritime world since 1846. From our first marine chronometer inspired by exploration, to the nautical influences of our contemporary creations, we have always maintained a close relationship with the ocean.
So, it was only natural that we should become the official timekeeper of the world’s greatest maritime race. When it comes to timing their competitions, we will provide The Ocean Race with the highest standard of accuracy possible. So ready, on your marks, get set, go!

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Ulysse Nardin & the ocean race Official timing partner

Ulysse Nardin is proud to be the Official Timing Partner of the 14th edition of The Ocean Race adventure. The common ground between us and these daring sailors is as vast as the ocean itself. Since 1973, this ultimate ocean marathon has been considered as a team and human adventure like no other, where legendary sailors compete in the most challenging waters. For almost two centuries, Ulysse Nardin has been pushing the limits of technology, design and innovation. Helping those who push the limits of sailing is just the next logical step for us.

This open-sea sailing race will start on the 15th of January 2023 in Alicante, Spain and will finish in Genoa, Italy, in the summer after stopping by 8 host cities along the way. During the entire six-month event, Ulysse Nardin will be responsible for all official race timings, including start countdowns, leg timings and finishes.

Our mastery of time will also be put at the service of the 24-hour Speed Challenge where every boat in both the one design VO 65 class and the flying, foiling IMOCA class, will be constantly monitored via Race Control. We will set up rolling 24-hour distance tracking throughout the leg.
In each class, the boat that sails the longest distance per leg will win.

virtual regatta Timing real &
virtual victories

For gaming lovers, the brand is also the Official Timekeeper of the most popular virtual sailing game in the world, Virtual Regatta, The Ocean Race edition. With more than one million players, the game confirms that real races and real skippers can mix with virtual sailing sports games. Enter the virtual Race

The Diver collection Guarding time
and the ocean

Ø 44mm
Ulysse Nardin, in association with The Ocean Race, has launched The Ocean Race Diver watch, the sea pearl of their partnership. Designed to be the first diver collection upcycled from fishing nets, this unique breakthrough timepiece is the race’s official watch.



1503-170LE-2A-TOR/3A Black titanium DLC case. Screw-down crown.
Water-resistant to 300 metres.
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1183-170LE-1A-TOR/0A Black titanium DLC case. Screw-down crown.
Water-resistant to 300 metres.
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the diver collection IT TAKES TIME TO BUILD A LEGEND

Ulysse Nardin unveils a new limited-edition chronograph to celebrate the legendary Ocean Race and its environmental commitments. This limited-edition timepiece, launched in collaboration with The Ocean Race, is a tribute to both partners’ passion for the sea, their shared sense of adventure, and their joint commitment to protecting the oceans.

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the diver collection The Diver The Ocean Race turns useless plastic into purposeful beauty. Ulysse Nardin & the ocean race

Today’s navigators inevitably run across the 9 million tons of plastic polluting the ocean. This sea of plastic is also made of 640,000 metric tons of nets which are lost or abandoned every year. Thanks to innovative techniques, the Ulysse Nardin Ocean Race Diver manages to upcycle fishing nets and also uses other recycled materials. Creating “new from old” and regenerating materials, is our way of making people aware of ocean conservation. The strap is entirely recycled from fishing nets thanks to FIL&LAB, the first fishing net recycling company in France. The watch’s side-case and case-back are 60% polyamide recycled from nets, Nylo®, and 40% Carbonium®, which has a 40% lower environmental impact than other carbon composites. The bezel is also adorned with Carbonium®. The components of the watch’s movement are 95% sourced locally with half coming from recycling channels. The Ocean Race Diver has the great honor of being the competition’s official watch. Its UN-118 caliber movement guarantees the highest degree of precision for sailors.

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Time to Act The race against pollution

Another race is dear to our hearts. And the goal of this other competition is also to win. But the prize is our oceans. Ulysse Nardin is committed to being a strong Time to Act partner of The Ocean Race. In this race against time to save our oceans, we are pledging to deliver positive ecological results by 2030. The countdown to a better maritime environment has already started.

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Time to Act Time to Act
Partner of The
Ocean Race

Ulysse Nardin is also the Time to Act Partner of The Ocean Race, committed to the responsible use and conservation of the world’s ocean. We both believe that timing is crucial for the regeneration of marine life and of the ocean itself, and that establishing clear deadlines for action will encourage significant progress.The countdown to a better maritime environment has already started.

racing with purpose

an award winning sustainability program designed to help achieve this progress based on three main pillars:

1 The Learning Programme

which inspires and empowers young people around ocean issues and features learning modules in nine languages.

2 The Ocean Race Summits

a series of high-level forums to design better policy for the ocean and address global challenges using local innovation and best practice

3 The scientific programme

that uses race boats and sailors to collect critical water and atmospheric data from remote areas of the ocean, to improve ecological research

United Nation sgd 14 Rendez-vous in 2030

Ulysse Nardin and The Ocean Race have pledged to meet the guidelines outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
And as part of the United Nations SDG 14, we are committed to keeping track of the scientific research required to make a difference. Because more than ever, the clock is ticking, specific deadlines have been set to put into action these urgent measures. To keep these advances on track, the first date for positive results is 2030. This partnership with The Ocean Race is a natural extension of Ulysse Nardin’s core belief that far-reaching innovative solutions can help limit sea damage. Ulysse Nardin has long strived to be both a guardian of time and the ocean. Sustainable by nature, our company believes in upcycling and is continually moving towards more sourcing and circular use.

Ulysse Nardin &
the 11th Hour Racing Team Accelerating change through sailing excellence, ocean advocacy and sustainable innovation

Ulysse Nardin is also sponsoring the 11th Hour Racing Team.
The team’s name is a powerful symbol: the 11th hour, the last hour on every clock, reminds us that time is running out to restore our planet’s health.
We have always created timepieces for great explorers like the sailors of this daring and purposeful team. Both of us share the same passion for the sea, ecological commitments and focus on state-of-the-art sustainable technology.

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Ulysse Nardin
& the 11th Hour Racing Team win both on and off the water

The champions of 11th Hour Racing Team want to win both on and off the water.
With a home base in Newport, Rhode Island, sustainability is embedded in the heart of all team operations. We will follow and support a crew of five professional sailors: Charlie Enright, Justine Mettraux, Simon Fisher, Amory Ross, Jack Bouttell and Francesca Clapcich. They will in turn be supported by an international shore crew, and they will race, with their foiling 60-foot race boat Mālama, through some of the most inhospitable waters on the planet, including the notoriously tough Southern Ocean. The objective of 11th Hour Racing Team is to guarantee that our collective actions today will help develop healthy communities, prosperous economies, and a better protected planet for future generations. The 11th Hour Racing Team will engage a wide audience across diverse platforms focusing on driving towards zero waste, refusing single-use plastics and spreading a positive social impact, Ulysse Nardin and 11th Hour Racing Team are ready to set sail toward a better future.

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