Diver 42mm
Lemon Shark

Diver 42mm - Lemon Shark

In honor of World’s Ocean Day and celebrating its community of friends and partners including world-renown shark experts, divers, universities, and non-profits, Ulysse Nardin unveils a stunning, shark-themed limited edition of the Diver 42 mm.

Ulysse Nardin the Swiss watchmaker, has pledged its efforts in an environmental commitment that follows the United Nations guidelines and their 17 sustainable development goals(set to be met by 2030). Our aim is to reduce marine pollution by integrating materials culled from the ocean whenever possible into our new products. While we recycle discarded fishing nets into watch bands, we are also acquiring greater oceanographic knowledge with our focus being mainly on sharks. With their status as the apex predators of the sea and a largely misunderstood species of marine life, sharks are the avatars and cherished emblems of Ulysse Nardin.

In keeping with the Swiss watch manufacturer’s devotion to shark conservation around the world, Ulysse Nardin has launched the DIVER Lemon Shark, a contemporary and functional model designed specifically for the deep. The 42mm model is the newborn in the Diver collection and features a black dial with a yellow lemon shark ‘ a stamp of three lemon sharks on the back and a black R STRAP made from recycled fishing nets.

Diver - Lemon Shark
Lemon Shark Fred

The touches of yellow on the bezel, dial, crown and band pay homage to the lemon shark, recalling the color of its skin and its connection to the ocean floor. It is a technical marvel fitted with the Caliber UN 816 movement the concave bezel with a domed sapphire glass creates a sleek look designed for those who consider exploring the depths of the ocean a personal challenge.

The Diver Lemon Shark works thanks to revolutionary silicium technology, pioneered by Ulysse Nardin at its headquarters in Le Locle Switzerland. Superluminova indexes in ‘shark gray’ adorn the dial and a yellow 0 marks the 12 o’clock position on the bezel. The lemon yellow second hand, second markers and discreet stitching on the R STRAP distinguish this model from all others, making it a unique and coveted timepiece that pays homage to these magnificent animals. The Diver Lemon Shark is available in a limited series of just 300 pieces.

"We need to speed up scientific discoveries if we are going to have any chance of leaving healthy oceans behind for our grandchildren" Chris Fischer, Founder Expedition Leader of OCEARCH

Diver - Lemon Shark Back

To celebrate the launch of the Diver Lemon Shark on World’s Ocean Day, Ulysse Nardin has teamed up with world renown shark experts dedicated to the study of marine life and ocean conservation by bringing together two outstanding organizations OCEARCH and the FIU Medina Aquarius Program in the FIU Institute of Environment.

Sharks are essential to the natural order of marine ecosystems. By studying these misunderstood and often feared animals we are able to learn more about their feeding habits, mating processes and movements in the ocean. This ultimately allows us to understand how to best protect them.

OCEARCH is a nonprofit organization that helps scientists collect and access previously unattainable data in the ocean. This data is extremely valuable in helping achieve their goal of reestablishing the balance of the ocean and achieving maximum abundance through scientific research, education, outreach and policy.

OCEARCH’s dedication to inclusion is highlighted in their sophisticated Shark Tracker App, which allows scientists and the general public alike to follow along in real time with sharks that have been previously tagged by the organization and its collaborators. This gives more people the access to study and learn about the movement of sharks in our ocean.

"We are now developing a new Aquarius, working on the design and engineering aspects of the ultra sophisticated new underwater laboratory. Our faculty is truly dedicated to the study and preservation of marine ecosystems worldwide and the updated facility will enhance the scope and impact of FIU on research, educational outreach, technology development, and professional training" Dr Mike Heithaus Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences Education

At the heart of FIU’s Medina Aquarius Program is the Aquarius Reef Base. The world’s only underwater research and education laboratory, Aquarius is deployed 60 feet beneath the surface of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. This globally significant asset provides unparalleled means to study the ocean, test and develop state of the art undersea technology and train specialized divers.

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