Our Complete
Maintenance Service

Your timepiece is precious and you are attached to it that's why it deserves our utmost attention. By entrusting it to our own master watchmakers, you will be preserving its service and longevity. A complete service is recommended approximately every five years. Ulysse Nardin expert watchmakers are performing various check to verify the effective functioning of your timepiece.

Bracelet removal

1. Bracelet removal

The bracelet is detached from the watch case.

2. Case descasing

The case is opened and the movement removed.

Complete case dismantling

3. Complete case dismantling

The case is then completely disassembled and prepared to be cleaned and checked.

4. Movement dissassembly

A watchmaker completly dismantles the movement and do a first examination of each individual component to detect signs of premature wear or risk affecting the operation of the mechanism.

Cleaning spare parts and components in various baths

5. Cleaning spare parts and components in various baths

Each component of the movement is ultrasonically cleaned and degresased in specially formulated solutions used under a defined procedure.

6. Spare parts control

The spare parts are carefully checked and the watchmaker identifies and replaces all the components that doesn't fit our standards

Components replacement

7. Components replacement

If necessary, new parts, based on the latest technological advances, are fitted on your timepiece. Only genuine replacement parts supplied directly by Uysse Nardin Headquarters in Switzerland are used.

8. Oiling

Using the most advanced lubricants, each functional component of the movement is carefully lubricated to minimise friction and prevent wear. This ensures that the movement of your Ulysse Nardin timepiece will continue to perform accurately.

Component polishing

9. Component polishing

The same keen attention to detail that is devoted to servicing the movement of your timepiece also goes into servicing its case and bracelet. After initial cleaning, the case and bracelet of your watch are closely examined and any worn or damaged components replaced. Your case is then expertly repolished and cleaned to restore lustre and your strap is changed, so that your watch looks as good as new.

10. Movement re-assembling

While re-assembling the movement, the precision of its functioning is inspected to ensure the level of quality and reliability expected from Ulysse Nardin timepieces.

Case re-assembling

11. Case re-assembling

The case is carefully reassembled and all the seals replaced to guarantee waterproofness.

12. Water resistence tests

The watch case is rigorously tested to ensure it meets pressure-resistance requirements. The three-step process – a vacuum test, a compression test and a condensation test – will reveal the presence of even the smallest amount of moisture inside the case.

Final adjustments

13. Final adjustments

Rigorous quality checks are carried out at each stage of the servicing process to make sure that your timepieces meets Ulysse Nardin high standards.

14. Final inspection of aesthetic

During the final check, the power reserve, timing accuracy and aesthetic appearance of your watch are verified one last time against manufacturing specifications to guarantee the highest possible standard of quality.

Daily care of your timepiece

15. Daily care of your timepiece

After the complete service we will send you back your Ulysse Nardin timepiece. Your watch deserves care and attention daily and we recommend the following considerations, so that it is preserved as long as possible:
- Keep your watch away from prolonged exposure to magnetism.
- Avoid wearing a bracelet on the same wrist.
- Do not wear your watch while sleeping.
- Avoid wearing your watch when playing sports such as golf or tennis.
- Avoid extreme changes in temperature and humidity, such as saunas.
- Clean your watch with a soft dry cloth.

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