Ulysse Nardin dives into shark research with Ocearch’s partnership,
the leading scientific shark conservation non-profit

Continuing our commitment to supporting marine research, Ulysse Nardin, has teamed up with Ocearch, a data and scientific driven organization that works collaboratively with researchers and educational institutions to better understand the movement and habits of sharks.

With our deep ties to the ocean, symbolized by the shark, our Icon, it was only natural for Ulysse Nardin to form a partnership with the very organization leading the change in shark research and conservation. For all of us at Ulysse Nardin, it is our social responsibility to raise awareness for Ocearch ’s mission, which is driven by innovation, shark science and conservation. Ocearch was one of the first research groups to safely catch and release live sharks using new and innovative methods for scientific studies. Ulysse Nardin and Ocearch shares the same values and objective to impact the world in a positive way through marine life conservation.


Ocearch’s urgent mission is to accelerate the ocean’s return to balance and abundance through fearless innovation in scientific research, education, outreach, and policy, using unique collaborations of individuals and organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Their goal is to assist researchers in their work and provide invaluable resources to better understand the shark’s role as apex predator in the ocean’s fragile ecosystem.


The art of watching a shark’s migratory movement and the science behind their effect on marine life has been mastered by the Ocearch team. Their hard-work and dedication to the understanding of sharks piqued the interest of Ulysse Nardin and a new partnership was formed naturally.

Ocearch’s passion and their commitment to the shark species equaled Ulysse Nardin and together we can make a positive impact as it is our collective mission to save the shark species and therein help balance the ocean’s delicate ecosystem.

Much like the balance wheel of a mechanical movement, sharks are the balance keepers of our ocean’s ecosystems. As the balance keepers, sharks are responsible for acting as the sea’s equilibrium by regulating the cycle of life deep below the surface. Many marine species are difficult to study because components of their lifecycles occur solely or partially outside of the observable realm of researchers, making the studies completed by Ocearch vital to our understanding of the sea and debunking sharks as a villain.

Timekeeping is essential to maintaining an understanding of the conditions of each animal Ocearch captures studies and releases. During Ocearch expeditions, the moment they engage with an animal time is captured and recorded. Sharks enter a specialized lift on the side of the ship, then the science team has just 15 minutes to conduct 20 different research projects.


Throughout the years, Ulysse Nardin has created several timepieces that pay homage to different shark species in celebration of the brand’s close connection to the world’s oceans, making the partnership with Ocearch all the more natural. The latest entries are two Limited Editions: The Diver Chronograph Great White and the Lady Diver Great White.

Diver Chronograph

Limited Edition of 300 pieces.

Lady Diver
Great White 39mm

Limited Edition of 300 pieces.

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