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Ulysse Nardin x The Ocean Race x 11th hour Joining forces for the ocean

Ulysse Nardin is the Official Timing Partner of The Ocean Race. Time is at the heart of this great race, not only when it comes to timing the competition and records, but also because it is time to act responsibly. That is why we are also the Time to Act partner of The Ocean Race, committing to the responsible use and conservation of the world’s ocean.
Truly dedicated to ocean preservation, Ulysse Nardin has launched The Ocean Race Diver watch designed to be the first diver collection made with sustainable materials. This unique timepiece is the official watch of The Ocean Race. Ulysse Nardin is also partnering with one of the race’s most eco-focused competitors: the 11th Hour Racing Team. It is time, more than ever, to keep the ocean blue.


From the original inspiration of exploration that led to the creation of their first marine chronometer, to the nautical inspirations of their contemporary creations, Ulysse Nardin has always maintained a close relationship with the ocean since its founding in 1846. So, it was only natural that we should become the official Timing Partner of the world's greatest sailing race. When it comes to timing their competitions, we will provide The Ocean Race with the highest standard of accuracy.
Ready, on your marks, get set, go!

The Diver collection Guarding time and
the ocean

As a concrete pledge to the Ocean preservation and a celebration of the partnership, Ulysse Nardin has launched The Ocean Race Diver. Designed to be the first sustainable diver collection, this unique and breakthrough timepiece is the official watch of the Race. Creating “new from old” and regenerating materials, is our way of making people aware of ocean conservation.

Time to Act The race against pollution

Another race is dear to our hearts. And the goal of this other competition is also to win. But the prize is our oceans. Ulysse Nardin is committed to being a strong Time to Act partner of The Ocean Race. In this race against time to save our oceans, we are pledging through the United Nations SDG14 to deliver positive ecological results by 2030.
The countdown to a better protected ocean has already started.

Ulysse Nardin & the 11th Hour Racing Team Accelerating change through sailing excellence, ocean advocacy and sustainable innovation

Ulysse Nardin is also partnering with the 11TH Hour Racing Team. The team's name is a powerful symbol: the 11th hour, the last hour on every clock, reminds us that time is running out to restore the health of our planet.
We have always created timepieces for great explorers like the sailors of this daring and purposeful team. Both of us share the same passion for the sea, ecological commitments and focus on state-of-the-art sustainable technology.

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