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Freak S

A new perspective on time. Here we stand. Front seats to the fourth dimension. An unfathomable blur as thrilling as it is beautiful. This is to new frontiers.

The fourth dimension is in sight.
Real but intangible,
We reach for it.

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The odyssey has begun, Inescapably magnetic, we gravitate towards its dark side An exquisite lunar stopover Worthy of the most daring space exploration.

Setting our eyes on the unseen,
We are drawn to the dark side.
Transported by sheer intrigue.

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Freak X Aventurine

An echo to the distant stars, It shimmers on the surface, Ready for lift off. This is where it all starts.

This, is lift off.
An Odyssey into nothingness,
The experience our only destination

Vertical odyssey Mission 2
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