Freak ONE

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The Freak ONE epitomizes our commitment to innovation and excellence. The watch is powered by the caliber UN-240 Manufacture, an automatic movement with a 90-hour power reserve. The flying carrousel movement rotates around its own axis and features a silicon oversized oscillator and hairspring. The escapement is treated with DIAMonSIL for added precision and durability. The 44mm black DLC-coated titanium case has a satin finish and is complemented by a rose gold 5N bezel. The watch is fitted with a black rubber 'ballistic' textured strap, made of 30% recycled rubber from production waste by BIWI. Since it rewrote high-end watchmaking codes more than two decades ago, the Freak’s iconic form has been defined by three signature characteristics: NO DIAL, NO HANDS, NO CROWN. Movement is king as it rotates to tell the time.

The Freak ONE is a new watch inspired by the first Freak featuring its three signature characteristics: no dial, no hands and no crown.



Freak ONE 44mm

Freak ONE


Caliber UN-240 Manufacture Movement

Classic or unconventional, simple or complex, for men or women, this collection of calibers is one of the most extensive and diverse in the industry. It is based on a culture of innovation, independence and quality that has made Ulysse Nardin one of the most advanced brands in creative watchmaking.
Number of parts 229
Power reserve (H) 90
Frequency (Hz) 3
Frequency (vph) 21 600
Escapement DIAMonSIL

Technical specifications


Caliber UN-240 Manufacture Movement
Case Black DLC-coated Titanium with Satin Finish
Glass Sapphire
Mechanism Self winding
Dimensions Diameter 44mm
Height 12 mm
Strap Black rubber ‘ballistic’ textured strap


NO CROWN - Best practice suggests that to adjust and wind a mechanical watch, you need a crown. The original Freak replaced the crown with a time setting system integrated into the bezel and was wound via a mechanism in the case back.


NO HANDS - The unconventional Freak has neither a big hand nor a little hand. Instead, its one-hour orbital carrousel tourbillon becomes the minute hand and the hour hand is replaced by a pointer on a rotating disc. A challenging design, but easy to read.


NO DIAL - Typically, mechanical watches hide their workings under a dial. But the Freak has no dial. Its movement doubles as its minute hand, while the hour hand is a pointer set on a rotating disc that sits under the movement.

"The Freak ONE is a fresh expression of who we are. It’s a highly technical watch, but it also has intense emotional value. When you set the time with the bezel, you experience something vital. This is what makes the Freak so special and why true collectors love it."

Jean-Christophe Sabatier, Chief Product Officer

Ulysse Nardin x LABEG

Ulysse Nardin is known for pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity and no timepiece better embodies this mindset than the Freak. Eager to celebrate those who share this philosophy, Ulysse Nardin has partnered with the Hong Kong-based artist, LABEG, during Watches & Wonders Geneva. By creating unique watches made of cardboard with a distinctive quirky touch, LABEG epitomises the Freak mindset of people who think out of the box and threaten the very fabric of normality. His offbeat style and dedication to originality align perfectly with the spirit of the Freak collection. The Ulysse Nardin x LABEG partnership is a tribute to the brand's commitment to embracing the unconventional and celebrating those who relentlessly challenge the norms.
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