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Ulysse Nardin has embarked on an odyssey, to push back the limits of time, to reinvent the rules of what can and cannot be done. Each new achievement confirms the manufacture as a bold adventurer in the world of Haute Horlogerie but while each technological achievement remains a source of pride and wonder, the Maison knows that experience is the magnitude of our world.

A pioneer of cutting-edge technologies and the innovative use of materials like Silicium. Favored for its unrivaled attributes - extreme light weight and extreme resistance, Silicium is the planet’s second most common element after oxygen, obtained from natural beach sand. High purity Silicium, harvested from quartz sand, prevents wear and damages due to shocks. Silicium enables the creation of complex designs and components with extreme precision.


With innovation, precision, reliability and longevity as its core values, Ulysse Nardin jumped at the opportunity to become the first company to champion Silicium, in the groundbreaking Freak Collection in 2001 and it is one of the few with the in-house expertise to produce its own high-precision components and movements.

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But there is more… Beyond the demanding requirements of a precision movement, Ulysse Nardin exposes proudly its expertise in métiers d’art, the fine crafts that help elevate a timepiece to a unique work of art.

Métiers d'art

Miniature painting on the dial, or the three types of enameling – Grand Feu, Cloisonné, or Champlevé – require the utmost skill and the flair of an artist. Ulysse Nardin company, Donzé Cadrans, are renowned masters of these rare crafts handed down from one generation to the next.

This exceptional level of watchmaking excellence has earned Ulysse Nardin membership in the most exclusive circle of Swiss watchmaking, the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie

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Diver Chronograph 44 MM

Diver Chronograph 44 mm

Limited Edition of 300 pieces

Diver Chronograph 44 mm


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